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Precision Camera's Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving Back to Communities Promotes a Culture of Care

Giving back to the community is a year-round activity for Precision Camera. Our corporate giving is not limited to the local community but also has a nationaland international reach. John Malinosky, company CEO and president, chalks it up to efforts of our camera repair facility's family-spirit and culture of care. Though John playfully refers to this term as a company buzzword, it is a sincere reflection of the gratitude that the Precision Camera family feels for the camaraderie and prosperity they have enjoyed for almost 60 years. Employees at every level consider themselves very lucky for their success and take pleasure in giving back.

Giving Back to the Local Community

Precision Camera's corporate giving back began with the development of an internship program for local high school in Enfield, Connecticut in which students were able to earn high school credit and credit for the community college programs in Connecticut. This way, students receive hands-on experience in many fields from photography to computer and electronic technology. From this program grew two other Enfield community initiatives: an event called Reality Store and a daily empty can collection program. Every year Precision Camera donates some digital cameras to Reality Store, and man a table at this event that teaches young adults with learning disabilities some practical real world experiences. The can collecting arrangement benefits the Special Education Department of the Enfield Transitional Learning Academy(ETLA) to help pay for their programs.

Corporate Giving Through Valuable Partnerships

Precision Camera has partnered for several years with Best Buy on the Black Woods Never Surrender Blizzard Tour for ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease. In an effort to raise as much money and awareness for the cause as possible, John Malinosky and his son, John Jr. have ridden snowmobiles over 380 miles in three days partaking in this annual fundraiser. After raising $505,000.00 since first supporting the tour in 2004, Precision Camera donated one of the snowmobiles to Best Buy's Children's Fund, which promotes education and awareness for children's charitable contributions. Some of the profits from the auctioning of the snowmobile went towards another cause that Precision Camera supports for charitable contributions for children in former Soviet Bloc countries who were orphaned following the Berlin Wall collapse and the Soviet Union's demise. Precision supports a local battered women's shelter, Network Against Domestic Abuse, participating in an annual golf tournament fundraiser.

Precision Camera also partners each year with Estee Lauder and Nikon in sponsoring a breast cancer awareness fundraiser on Long Island.

Dave Marsh, Precision Camera's Director of Sales highly recommends that other companies start a corporate giving back community campaign because it often costs little more than your time, can provide invaluable services, and motivate others to change the world one community at a time by cultivating a culture of care.

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