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Cleaning the Digital Camera Sensor

Camera Cleaning for the Professional Photographer

Cleaning the digital camera sensor is something many amateur photographers do not consider. When the average person thinks of camera cleaning they assume that a general cleaning is the only thing required for their equipment to perform better, but this is not the case. With all digital cameras a thorough cleaning of the imaging sensor needs to be performed - but also adjustments and calibration must be made to ensure that the camera is working properly. As a professional photographer you want to make certain the quality of your images is not jeopardized by dirt or improperly adjusted equipment.

Without proper camera cleaning and digital camera sensor cleaning most photographers have experienced their photographs ruined by unsightly dust spots in their images - these dust spots are characteristically gray/black areas and are usually visible when photographing continuous tone scenes. Cleaning your camera equipment is not only a great way to ensure it continues working properly but is also a necessity in today's digital world. Digital sensors are electrically charged devices, which attract dust particles because of their static electric charge. The digital camera sensor, if not cleaned properly, will result in images with black spots scattered throughout your photographs.

When Precision Camera performs a digital camera cleaning for our professional customers we go through the whole camera and make sure that all the optics are dust-free. Upon completing the cleaning process the camera is tested to confirm that the sensor is free of dust. The camera is then put through several additional tests, which include shutter speed accuracy tests, exposure tests and focus tests. Many shops will claim to be able to perform a cleaning on your sensor but few will match Precision Camera's guarantee of a full inspection and diagnosis of your camera free of charge included with your digital camera cleaning.

Here at Precision Camera we not only guarantee the camera gets to you spot free but also inspect it to ensure it is functioning up to the manufacturer's specifications. Cleaning a digital camera sensor may sound like a simple procedure but in reality it requires highly skilled technicians and very controlled clean rooms, such as we have in our digital camera repair facilities. Every cleaning is done using tools in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and by factory trained technicians. An image sensor is too delicate and too expensive to risk damage through improper cleaning techniques. Cleaning with the incorrect tools and chemicals could lead to permanent scratches and deterioration of the low pass filter, which would result in degraded image quality.

Our professional customers demand perfection from their equipment, which is why we demand perfection from ourselves. Let the professionals at Precision Camera clean your camera for spot free images - you'll be glad you did!

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