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Digital Camera Repair

Digital camera repair by Precision Camera is done seamlessly with our highly efficient repair processes

  • Our attention to details helps us to successfully maintain the highest quality. 
  • Our professional staff makes the process smooth and easy for you. 
  • We are adept at managing the highly complex repair process.
  • Seamless internal tracking systems keep you updated on where your camera is in the process.
  • External networking relationships with all major manufacturers keeps our technicians current and fully informed on the latest technological data
Digital Camera Repair Center

Our Digital Camera Repair Shop Relationships – Nurtured with Excellence

Precision Camera’s digital camera repair shop relationships are varied and beneficial to us all. We have exclusive digital imaging repair service relationships with several major manufacturers. Precision Camera also provides repair services to many of the smaller photo dealers and retailers within the United States. All of our associates value Precision Camera’s rapid return-times, professional customer service and outstanding dependability and quality.

Digital Camera Repair Service

Most digital cameras purchased within the last few years can be repaired economically! Remember that old film camera that you had for years, maybe even decades? Now that digital cameras are being manufactured better than ever they too have become an investment that you will be able to enjoy - and should protect, for the years to come! If you have a digital camera that you would like repaired, we invite you to visit our cost estimator page to get an idea of what to expect from Precision Camera’s fair and affordable pricing. Precision Camera offers flat rate repair pricing for most repairs. You may also want to go to our repair services page to get started.

For additional information regarding digital camera repairs by Precision Camera, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or click here to Contact Precision Camera