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Digital Video Camera Repair

digital camcorder repair

Consider a digital video camera repair by Precision Camera to protect the investment you have made. Digital video camera technology is better than ever, so why consider purchasing a new more expensive model? The technology of digital video cameras you have today will still be contemporary for several years to come. Repair the one you already have , and know how to use.

Because Precision Camera is the market leader in video camera repair, we are the only service provider capable of offering a one-stop, full-service solution on virtually all models of digital cameras, video cameras, and camcorders. We repair over 100,000 video cameras per year! No one has more experience with digital video camera repair than Precision Camera!

camcorder repair

Digital video camera repairs are a team effort at Precision Camera. Our customer satisfaction is very high due to maintaining our standards of excellence. Precision's digital video camera repairs are done by the greatest number of qualified, quality certified technicians, working in a highly efficient operation that allows us rapid return times. Our customer support team provides superior customer care, standing by to help provide answers to any of your questions or concerns.

Precision Camera will provide an initial flat rate price estimate of each repair. Most cameras can be repaired for this price.  If upon internal inspection of the equipment, Precision Camera determines that additional parts or labor are necessary to complete the repair, then we may provide a revised written estimate for your approval. We will never charge more than the initial price estimate without your consent and will always provide a clear explanation regarding the necessity of any price adjustments. 

We proudly stand behind our digital video camera repairs and all of the work that we do. Precision Camera offers a 90-day warranty on all repairs. We not only guarantee our repair, we’ll guarantee your entire camera for the full 90 days!

For additional information regarding digital video camera repair, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us by email at: info@PrecisionCamera.com