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Radio Frequency (RF) Camera Flash Modification

Precision Camera & Video Repair is excited to provide modifications to several digital camera flash modules to improve the reception range of wireless radio transmitter devices like remote control PocketWizards, when in use with high RF noise emitting, remote control flash units!

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This modification is currently available for the Canon 580EX II flash unit only, the price is $69.00 plus $6.95 for return shipping.

To arrange for the modification of your Canon 580EX II Flash, please Contact Us.

Why have your flash modified to improve reception of RF models like PocketWizard?

Every electronic device emits some amount of unintended radio frequency (RF) noise. These emissions can range from very little to a lot depending on many factors. This noise can be troublesome for any wireless radio transmitter and receiver device that depends on internal signal detectors, by making it harder for the RF transmitter and receiver to hear the incoming signal. (Think of being in a crowd while trying to listen to a private conversation.)

Does my flash need to be modified?

A few external flash modules including the popular Canon Flash 580EX II, 580EX and 430EX, emit strong RF noise across the frequency range used by remote control trigger devices like the PocketWizard Plus, impacting the FCC 344MHz radios used in the American market and to a lesser extent, the CE 433MHz radios used in Europe and other international markets. This interference significantly impedes the out-of-box range performance of the FlexTT5 Transceiver, for example.

This modification filters the radio frequency interference with some small internal modifications. It does not eliminate RF emissions transmitted altogether, but greatly impacts the ability of a receiver on nearby Pocket Wizards or other remote radio triggers.

The graphs below show the RF output of a 580EX II flash (same results for 580EX and 430EX) before and after the flash modification. The top blue line is the flash RF output. The yellow line is the base level noise. You can clearly see the RF emissions have been reduced dramatically by these flash transmitter modifications.

pocketwizard camera flash modifcations

Before flash modification / After flash modification