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How to Clean Professional Camera Lenses

Our best advice on how to clean camera lenses is to send it to the experts at Precision Camera.  DO NOT attempt to clean your camera lenses as your good intentions of “doing it yourself” may lead to permanent damage.

Leave this job to be completed by the technicians who have been highly trained in this area and have the best equipment necessary to do the work correctly. 

camera lens

An untrained person attempting to clean camera lenses may damage the mirrors, or scratch them and create a much worse condition!

Information you must know about camera cleaning:

  • Camera lenses should be kept clean by practicing prevention or by having only qualified and experienced technicians do properly
  • Fingerprints can actually damage the lens coating but It is a big mistake to clean camera lenses too often
  • A small amount of dust is unlikely to affect image quality, so don't become obsessive about it
  • The marginal improvement in picture quality is certainly not worth the risk of permanent lens damage!

Remember these warnings!

  • Never use canned air to clean your camera's shutter - the strong pressure can cause serious damage
  • Some older coatings on lenses may have a bad reaction to being cleaned with alcohol
  • SLR mirrors are extremely delicate! It not advisable to clean them yourself!
  • Never put lens-cleaning fluid directly on a lens

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure…

Your camera lens should not need to be cleaned often if you are careful. Taking some simple precautions can help keep your camera clean and protected and less likely to need cleaning if you just do the following:

  • Keep your camera in a camera case with a protective lining
  • Use a camera lens cover
  • Never place your fingers on the lenses when taking pictures (thus requiring you to clean your lenses every time you use your camera and thereby reducing the life of your camera and your lenses)

Do your best to keep your camera clean and ready to capture precious moments and don’t make the foolish mistake of trying to do the things best left to the experts. When you need your camera cleaned, serviced or repaired – trust the experts at Precision Camera for a professional job done right.

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