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Information About Precision Camera Infrared Conversion Services

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What is Infrared Photography?

Infrared Photography is a specialized type of photography, which excludes most of the visible spectrum from the final images. This is accomplished by blocking out the shorter wavelengths of the spectrum while exposing the longer wavelengths. Because our eyes are not sensitive to these longer infrared wavelengths, infrared images tend to have a dreamy and ethereal quality to them. This otherworldliness is what draws most photographers to the art of Infrared Photography.

The light filtration is done with specialized long pass filters. As the name implies, long pass filters allow the longer wavelengths of the spectrum to pass through the filter, while excluding the shorter wavelengths. The exact amount of filtration is determined by the characteristics of the filter used and choosing which filter to use in the conversion will depend on the type of IR Photography desired

Why Use Precision Camera?

When converting digital cameras to infrared, Precision Camera utilizes the same testing and calibration equipment as the camera manufacturer. Our dedicated state-of-the-art camera and lens test laboratories are what distinguishes our conversions from the competition. Converted cameras are put through the same rigorous testing and calibration procedures we use in our camera repair service. To sum it up, Precision Camera does Infrared conversions right.

Why Convert a Camera?

Digital cameras offer a degree of sensitivity to the longer portion of the spectrum that was previously unavailable in the photo industry. While this sensitivity makes them ideal candidates for Infrared cameras, manufacturers block out the longer portion of the spectrum by adding a short pass filter to the camera's sensor. This short pass filter is added as a means of limiting the camera's sensitivity to match that of the human eye, therefore allowing the camera to only produce images that are aesthetically familiar to us. Because of the existence of this short pass filter, a conversion is required in order to take full advantage of the camera's infrared sensitivity.

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