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Information About Precision Camera Infrared Conversion Services

What Type of Camera Should I Convert?
Precision Camera offers an Infrared conversion service for both DSLR (Digital SLR) and DI (Point & Shoot) cameras. Let's review the major differences between these two types of converted cameras:

a. Infrared DSLR
DSLR cameras are the tools of choice for the working professional. Their advantages over smaller fixed lens designs are:

  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • Larger Imaging Sensors
  • Rugged Build
  • TTL Optical Viewfinder (No Parallax Effect)

There are other advantages to DSLR cameras; however, these will be dependent on the model of camera used.

Because Infrared light focuses behind the focal plane of visible light, there is a focus shift that must be compensated for when performing a conversion on DSLR cameras. Additionally, the construction & design of the lens used will influence how far behind the focal plane of visible light the infrared focal plane will be. These two factors combined create the necessity of adjusting a converted DSLR camera to a specific lens. Other lenses may be used with the camera after adjustments, however, depending on the construction of the lens, the focus may shift slightly with varying results. This is the reason why we request a lens along with the camera to be converted. The lens itself is not adjusted or modified in any way; it is the camera's auto focus assembly that is being fine-tuned to work with a lens of that construction.

With certain lenses it may not be possible to adjust the camera to work for the full focal range when focusing at infinity - if this is the case we will notify you of its limitation and recommend a lens that is more suitable for the infrared focus calibration of the camera.

Even though DSLR cameras are great for photography in the visible spectrum, there is one disadvantage when it comes to Infrared Photography. The disadvantage is inherent to the design of most DSLR cameras that use a dedicated auto focus sensor assembly to focus the image separately from the imaging sensor.

This is why Precision Camera has decided to apply its experience and technical resources in order to improve upon the Infrared conversion field. Precision Camera can calibrate DSLR cameras to focus in the Infrared range by using our dedicated test equipment.

NOTE: DSLR cameras with true Live View are not afflicted by the disadvantages outlined above when in Live View mode. True Live View mode refers to Live View that allows the user to continuously Autofocus without requiring a separate Autofocus assembly. The reason for this is because the imaging sensor controls the focus. This allows for a larger variety of lenses to be used with much more accurate focus, however, depending on the construction of the lens an infinity focus limitation may be present at certain focal lengths.

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