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Information About Precision Camera Infrared Conversion Services

About Precision Camera Infrared Conversion Services

Precision Camera offers Infrared Conversion Services independently from the manufacturer. Conversions performed on cameras are not sponsored by the manufacturers and cannot be done under the manufacturer's warranty.

Conversions that are performed on cameras are done so as modifications to the manufacturer's specifications and therefore will void the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty for conversions is strictly 90 days and is offered by Precision Camera without any affiliations with the manufacturers. Precision Camera's warranty covers only the conversion performed and may be voided if damages such as liquid, corrosion, sand, surge, impact, and customer abuse are found on the unit.

Limitations of the conversion such as minor exposure and focus shifts, as well as the limited infrared spectrum sensitivity of the imaging sensor will not be considered malfunctions and therefore no warranty work may be performed on them if the camera is found to be within Precision Camera's specifications.

How To Place An Order:

Contact Us at 1-866-449-7287 or Email Us at ir@precisioncamera.com for Model Specific Conversion Prices & Instructions on How To Send Your Camera In For Conversion.

Pictures by Mark Soares