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Precision Camera: Study Proves Camera Repair Saves Money.

Precision Camera’s Repair Trifecta: Consumers Save Money, Dealers’ Profits Double, and It’s GREEN!

(Enfield, CT) Consumers win when they fix their camera rather than throw it away. On a point and shoot or compact camera, a repair might save $30 to $50. However, on an advanced digital SLR or DSLR model, a similar repair can save hundreds of dollars.

Retailers who use Precision Camera’s factory authorized repair service often see double the gross margins made on selling a new camera, and the process is Green. In fact, the CO2 saved on a years’ worth of camera repairs is equivalent to removing 1,000 SUV’s off the street.

It’s a rare, perfect scenario for all involved: Consumers Save Money, Dealers’ Profits Double, and It’s GREEN!

How can we document this?

Precision Camera’s recent “Rethink Repair ™ Environmental Impact Study”, found that repairing a single camera consumed 15% of the resources of a replacement. Performed by a Clark University research team, the study involved a lifecycle assessment of consumer repair vs. replacement decisions that used SimaPro7, the world’s most popular environmental impact database.

The results: Fixing a 3-year old, 10 megapixel camera costs $360 less than buying a $600 replacement and conserves enough energy to power a laptop computer for a year! Proportional benefits occur on $100 -150 digital compact or point and shoot models.

More specifically, replacing an individual component on a malfunctioning circuit board reduces the need for expensive, resource-consuming camera assemblies imported from the Far East. A repair completed by Precision Camera uses only 1/7th of environmental resources rather than having to dispose of camera metals, glass and plastic parts as well as recycle and transport them elsewhere when a unit is thrown away.

Also according to the Clark University consultants, Precision Camera’s processes cut air, surface water and topsoil emissions. Meanwhile, “human” pollutants like carcinogens, radiation and ozone layer damage drop by 85%.

The factory-authorized service centers that comprise Precision Camera and Video Repair employ more trained technicians than its next three competitors combined. Further, these repair centers feature specialized in-house tech units where broken lenses are disassembled, repaired and then calibrated to original factory specifications.

Just as retailer merchandising includes accessory sales to bolster low new-camera margins; the 30 - 40% repair margin opportunity should be included too. With no inventory carry cost and these repair margins, retailers can incentivize staff to offer repair to their recession weary shoppers.

About Precision Camera: Precision Camera and Video Repair has been providing quality repair services since 1948. Customers range from national retailers and service administrators to professional photographers and individual consumers. To meet the needs of its strategic partners, Precision Camera recently expanded its reverse logistics and product remanufacturing capabilities. Precision Camera’s Enfield, Connecticut campus employ more qualified repair technicians, than the next three digital imaging repair companies combined.